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Takikawa Canola Flowers

Takikawa Canola Flowers

Since 1988, Takikawa’s production of Canola flowers has rapidly increased to become the city with the largest production of Canola flowers. Sometime between late May and early June. The yellow of the Canola flowers spreads brilliantly across the many fields in the city, a beautiful sight that attracts many foreign and domestic tourists to Takikawa. In 2015, the total area of the Canola flower fields was No.1 in Japan, with the largest field of 10ha at Ebeotsu 19 cho- me.

Takikawa Nanohana Festival

Takikawa Nanohana Festival 1

2015 Takikawa Nanohana Festival

In conjunction with the Canola flowering season is Takikawa’s biggest event, the Takikawa Nanohana Festival.Nanohana is the word for Canola flowers in Japanese. The festival is held at Maruka Highlands Learning Center over 2 days from 30-31st May, a variety of specialty dishes and products made using local ingredients from Takikawa and the surrounding areas are sold. Takikawa’s famous specialty dish, the Jingisukan can also be enjoyed at the festival. The flavors between the 3 brands of Jingis Don can be tasted and enjoyed there.

As the flowers bloomed early in 2015, it was not held at the same time as the flowering season. However, when in conjunction with the flowering season, as many as 123,000 people stop by the event.

※Please note that the dates of the Nanohana Festival may change depending on the blooming period of the flowers.

Takikawa Nanohana Festival 2

Takikawa Nanohana Festival 3

For Canola flower viewing, there are Nanohana Taxi services departing from the Takikawa Roadside Station that take visitors round the best photo spots efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Please click hereこのリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます for more information regarding the Canola flowering period.

※The Canola flowers of Takikawa are part of the agricultural livelihood of the local farmers so stepping into the flower fields is not permitted.


About the Canola Flowers

About the Canola Flowers

There are 2 types of Canola flowers cultivated in Takikawa. The first is the Kizaki no Natane ( Rapeseed ・brassica napus) which is mainly cultivated for oil that is exported domestically. However, another variety of Canola, the Haru no Kagayaki is also grown here for eating purposes.


Canola Specialty Products

Canola Specialty Products

Using the oil of Takikawa’s Canola flowers, a variety of products are created and sold for local consumption. In addition, the [Yuki wari Nabana] which goes well with many culinary dishes is sold for a limited time in early Spring. Please click here to view our Canola products.

*In particular, the [Yuki wari Nabana] grown in Takikawa is more nutritious, sweeter and softer than those grown elsewhere.




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