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The glider is a kind of aircraft. Just like an airplane, it has wings and a human pilot but flies independently without an engine. However, there are also gliders with engines which are called motor gliders. The glider flies by converting altitude to speed. At first, it is launched by an aircraft called a tug-plane. It is then released from the tow rope in the air to fly and glide. The glider then gradually descends but can stay in the air for prolonged periods by riding on rising air currents. If piloted well, a glider can sometimes stay in the air for over 5 to 6 hours.

Takikawa Skypark


The Takikawa Skypark, the first aviation park in Japan, is located along the Ishikari River and equipped with facilities for flight. Here, you can experience riding in the gliders. Come immerse yourself in the blue skies and gaze upon the broad expanse of land from the skies. An instructor will be piloting the glider so you can safely enjoy the scenery even if you are flying for the first time.

Address: 139-4 Nakajima, Takikawa, Hokkaido 073-0035, JAPAN.
Phone No. 0125-24-3255

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Takikawa Skypark Hub-house has been certified as a Tourist Information Center by JNTO as of December 2017.

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