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About Takikawa


Takikawa City is a main city in the central area, Sorachi region of Hokkaido, it is conveniently located between the cities of Sapporo (the biggest City) and Asahikawa (the second biggest city).
Takikawa is surrounded by rich nature, it is situated between the Ishikari River and Sorachi River and about 60% of Takikawa is covered in greenery by either forest or agriculture.

The name of Takikawa City originated from the Ainu Language Sorapuchi which means “falling water”. The reason to this is because there is a different in level which creates a mini waterfall along Sorachi River. Since then the Ainu people have called the area Sorapuchipe and it was later translated into Japanese, Takinokawa and later shortened again to Takikawa

According to records, it is said that the naming of Takikawa was by Nagata Housei an educationist during the Meiji Era who played a great role in Ainu Education and Ainu research. He was tasked to name the main areas along Ishikari River sohe used the meanings from Ainu language and translated those into Japanese.

In 1890, under the ordinance of Hokkaido Prefectural Government, Takikawa Town was established. It served as a town for transportation and supported coal production of the neighbouring towns.

Takikawa City has an inland climate so there is a big temperature difference between summer and winter. The temperature in Takikawa is over 30 °C (86ºF) in summer and -20 °C (-4ºF) in winter. The average amount of snowfall is 8 meters (26feet), making it one of the snowiest locations in Hokkaido,


One of the prides of Takikawa is having the largest area of canola fields in Japan. From late May to early June, the canola flowers turn the landscape a brilliant yellow. The Nanohana Festival is held when the flowers are in bloom, attracting many visitors every year.


Along the Ishikari River is the Takikawa Sky Park where various sky sports are carried out. The highlight being riding the gliders (an engine-less plane) and enjoying the beautiful landscape from above. An instructor will accompany and pilot so anyone can safely enjoy the scenery and sights.

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